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There is a renowned professor of developmental psychology at Howard University in Washington DC whose lectures, that I was privileged to attend nearly 40 years ago, continue to resonate with me. Among other lessons taught, professor Wade Boykin imparted that in America, the variegated complexities of outcome on the educational development of black children are products of fluctuating experiential variables.

The professor posited that the magnitude and quality of exposure to a dynamic of three interrelated realms of ethnic and cultural experiences determines the learning style suited for best academic outcome: the three…

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Does sparing the rod spoil the child?

First, to be clear, let’s begin by defining exactly what spanking is: Spanking is the act of striking a child on the behind, arms or legs with an open hand.

Anything beyond this constitutes physical child abuse.

Whip a child with a belt? That’s child abuse.

Whip a child with a “switch”? That’s child abuse.

Smack a child in the mouth, on the head or face? Child abuse.

Burn a child with a cigarette, iron, hot water? That’s child abuse.

Strike a child with any object? Child abuse.

Now that we are clear…

Front-page headlines on the news that the Sussexes plan to step back as “senior” members of the royal family, on January 9, 2020. | Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images

Uh … hello British tabloids, sorry to interrupt your Fish ‘N Chips or is it tea time?

You do understand that you are mentally not well, don’t you?

And you are keeping your readership mentally indisposed as well.

You are the epitome of White Preservation Media.

You use the Racial Hierarchy to drive profits as you routinely emote a cauldron of fear … fear of a Black planet that is.

Yes, you know what levers to pull, what buttons to push, what spectacle to headline.

Meghan? What a gift to you.

Her child Archibald? Even better.

Hey, how bout putting…

What has always struck me is that these people have no idea WHY they feel compelled to behave the way they do. Some may know of the Racial Hierarchy, but by name only. None of them have any concept of how much it has robbed them, from past to current, of their basic humanity.

A black family in Washington D.C., walking from a protest. | 28 Aug 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

We must view delusional behavior by large groups, and the unflinching political encouragement of such, through the lens of desperation; a frantic grasp to preserve the Racial Hierarchy by any means. The massive disconnect from reality underscores, all the more, the indisputable truth that the manipulative power of the Racial Hierarchy will never be exhausted because its vigor supersedes prudence; it is a legacy of evil that relies on the lever of human emotion.

The moment you declare yourself a member of any racial group, you fall prey to the Racial Hierarchy.

The psychological and behavioral ramifications of living with…

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“Pejorative terms abound for all nonwhites who assimilate a superior racial identity and are used as tools of the Racial Hierarchy”

When a Black dread-locked scholar, a New York Times Number One Best Seller, proclaims in his thesis that “Black people can be racist too,” he validates the pseudo-scientific objective of genetic inferiority in Black people; if there is shared equity on the Racial Hierarchy, then sustained racial group disparity can only be explained as an inherent biological-genetic defect. …

The Language of White Supremacy Is Race

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Admission: It has taken six decades of my God-given existence to recognize that I have used the language of White supremacy to describe others and myself. How many of you are doing the same? Do you think you’re bi-racial? Multi-racial? Whatever racial?

Whenever we talk about “race,” if we are not having a discussion that targets the Racial-Hierarchy then we’re really not having a discussion are we? We’re really just citing English dictionary definitions, proffering research and statistics, selling books and writing articles claiming “anyone can be racist” and that gets a ton of claps and makes people feel good…

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Eighty-one years ago, at 8 p.m. on October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween, a 23-year-old Orson Wells and his colleagues at CBS studios in New York City pranked a nation of gullible Americans, convincing them that Martians had landed in the fictional town of Grover’s Mill, New Jersey.

Full broadcast Orson Welles

The radio play, a version of H.G. Wells’ story, persuaded people into believing that Martians were marching toward Manhattan, releasing poison gas along the way. Panic was widespread. People ran out of their homes with their faces wrapped in wet towels. Folks ushered their families into cars…

Andrew P. Brown III, PhD

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