This man was a most remarkable human being.

I lost another one of my hero’s recently. His name is Pat Martino and you should know about him. His ordeal is a study of determination and fortitude.

First of all, you may be wondering, who in the heck is Pat Martino and what made him so remarkable? …

Race Discourse

Opponents don’t seem to want equality

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a threat to the maintenance and general acceptance of the Racial Hierarchy social construct. This construct of Euro-American origin determines human value as a function of skin color. The construct does not recognize human diversity along the lines of ethnicity, religion, nationality, language, or culture…

Anti-Racism + Race Discourse

Please mind your semantics because they matter

I’ve come across several well written anti-racist publications by authors whom I hold in high regard. In these articles I observed a tendency by the authors to disqualify the critical importance of semantics in their otherwise brilliant publications.

One author, for example, described racism as an ideology. This author writes:

How Whiteness Weaponizes Tools of Psychology In the Family Court

In the Family Court, forensic clinical psychology is weaponized as a tool of white supremacy. Its function epitomizes a definition of racism as “white supremacy in action” to the extent that when all attempts at parental subjugation fail, the legal weight of psychological assessment can be invoked to uphold and…

You gotta stop the bleeding first.

And you haven’t done that.

Blood is flowing profusely from the wound we thought you would treat starting on Day 1. When we voted you into power we thought that your first order of business would be to address the epidemic. No, not COVID, the other one, Gun Violence. …

"Racism is white supremacy in action"

Dear Mrs. Gaines, this definition comes after 30 plus years of psychological practice. In your research as a doctoral student, you may find two pieces of interest. They both explore the intersection of clinical psychology in the Family Court as a tool of white supremacy:


This third piece explores "reverse racism" from a logical/semantic perspective:

Your article is excellent and much appreciated. Thank you for writing and communicating.

Assumptions about Replacement Theory from the Euro-American Mythology of Monism

There is a well documented global presence of the African Diaspora throughout the entirety of ancient human antiquity; Its Identity not established by a Racial Hierarchy.

Replacement theory is the belief that Black people will replace White people as the dominant racial group in the White homelands throughout Europe and…

Andrew P. Brown III, PhD

Forensic neuropsychologist with visions of a new world for generations unborn.

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